Earl's Geodesic Domes

I was inspired to build a geodesic dome for a temporary living structure. Just to get a feel for the whole idea, i started by making a newspaper dome. With that a success, i went on to the real thing, an 8-foot radius EMT dome. Flush with too much confidance, i volunteered to lead the creation of a 16-foot radius EMT dome for Camp Recharge, of which i am a spectator participant. I am also learning something about screw-in ground anchors along the way. Lastly, i have a geeky explanation of one way to modify the geometry for a larger entrance triangle.

If you are considering building domes like these (do it! do it!), please go to the links page which points you to the sites you really should read first. Then come back here and read my site afterwards. The information here is only intended to supplement what's already out there, is not available without a prescription, is only at participating locations, and is void in Minnesota and West Virginia.

I welcome feedback via email, even audio feedback. Send it to superdotfly@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Newspaper dome

8.5 foot radius frequency two dome

16 foot radius frequency four dome

About screw anchors

Modifying dome geometry for a larger entrance

Very useful links