Of everything i know about this topic at this point, 99% is a redigestion of what i've found elsewhere online. Here are the essential sources you'll want to read through.

Tara's Desert Domes Go here first. The best site for information on building EMT domes. Includes all the geometric information (strut ratios, number of pieces, assembly geometry) for frequency 1 through 6 alternate domes, both as tables/charts, and also in the form of slick javascript calculators. "Conduit Dome Tips" page is the essential step-by-step walkthrough of how to do it. I suspect that this site is responsible for the existence of most of the EMT domes in the free world.
Howard's Home Dome An excellent walkthrough of a dome construction with some good ideas not found in, including using carraige bolts to avoid an outside surface that snags/cuts the covering, and a nice shelf added to the interior of the structure. Good shots of the shop setup and jigs. As his next project this guy spearheaded the construction of a giant nose-shaped structure also made of EMT triangles --- i got to go inside it, and it came out great!
Michael J. Gourlay's Geodesic Dome Design Yes, this guy is a geek. Good discussion of how much extra length to add to account for the bending at the end (answer: probably not enough to worry about in practicality, but it's good to know that) and an idea for an entrance modification. He also has a useful step-by-step walkthrough of how he made his dome.
Tamara Munzer's Dome for Burning Man Very good step-by-step for this large dome which has a somewhat detailed design for the covering, plus an interesting "rain hat" top vent. Good ideas if you have more time and want to make your dome nicer. Lots of excellent photos. For once, someone from Stanford doing something useful. ;)
Jeff Deifik's Geodesic Dome Construction This guy mostly followed the Desert Domes instructions, but he's got nice photos of his shop jigs. Nice simple covering with a single tarp. If you're initimidated by the idea of making a dome, this guy makes it look easy.
Bob Stahl's Temporary Desert Structures Bob Stahl is something of a guru when it comes to construction techniques for the playa. Be sure to read the section "Stakes and anchors" which mentions screw anchors.
Robert Conroy's conduit domes Photos of some more EMT domes with little explanation.
YES Mag's newspaper dome plans More newspaper dome foolishness. Be careful, this website is done by Canadians, so be sure to convert the ratios from metric, eh?
Burning Man Why are all of these people building geodesic domes, anyway?

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